XCOM: Enemy Unknown received some flak for its story-line including elements that players felt were untrue to the game’s core ideologies but XCOM 2 is nearly perfect in this sense. I have a collective 200 hours on this game now and counting and this game truly outdid did its predecessors.

My only issue with XCOM 2 like everyone else is it’s slow performance and drops in FPS resulting in stutters. Even on my beast of a GTX 1080 GPU, the game manages to have massive FPS drops and eternal loading screens. This becomes apparent when you are on a 24-hour playing frenzy and waiting just a second longer can feel very brutal.

There have been incredible mods released that makes the game even more enjoyable on the second playthrough including the acclaimed Long War studio modifications. The Alien Hunter pack includes new alien types and the Shen’s DLC adds a pretty interesting story to the mix and i believe it felt a proper homage to the old character of XCOM Enemy Unknown game.

It might still be a while before we see any big content added so long after the game’s release but if you’re looking to play the game now, you can get it on steam for a sale right now.