Basic Blackjack Strategies – the full guide!

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I’m sharing with you the basics of my fave casino game – Blackjack! I totally love Blackjack. I mean, it’s super easy to learn, fun and has one of the smallest house edges that shrinks even further as you get better at the game! So if you learn how to play proper, you can make some serious dollar!

In Blackjack, or as some sophisticated gents like to call it “twenty-one,” you play against the dealer. Your aim? Get a higher hand than him (or her!), without exceeding 21. The cards are valued as follows: Cards 2-10 are at face value “Face cards” are all valued at 10 And aces are valued at 1 or 11, depending on what’s more helpful to you Once you place your bet, you’re dealt 2 cards face up. The dealer also gets two cards, one of which is face down. There are four moves you can make to get to 21, or as close to it as possible without going over. You can Ask the dealer to “hit” you with, or deal you, another card.

“Stand” if you don’t want to be dealt another card. Do this when you think any additional card will make you ‘go bust’ (i.e. exceed 21). “Double down.” AKA double your bet mid-hand and get one more card.

Do this when you’re sure that extra card will beat the dealer’s hand without going bust! Or you can “split” your cards. This means that when the first two cards of your hand have the same value, you split them into two hands, and make two separate equal bets at once. Let’s say you’re dealt a 7 and a 3.

Obviously, you’ll ask the dealer to “hit” you again. You’re nowhere near 21 and on no planet can that third card make you go bust. But, if you’re dealt a 9 and a 10, and you’re not James Bond in Casino Royale, you’ll stand. Your hand is likely better than the dealer’s and the odds of being dealt an ace or a 2 are too slim to risk it. Got a 9 and a 2?

Well, LOOK. AT. YOU. You’ve got the perfect hand to double down. If your next card’s a 10 or a face card …hello, cash MONAY.

You’ve been dealt two 9’s? You can either stand or split them up and bet both hands. Always watch the dealer’s face-up card (or cards). Duh, it could change your whole strategy. Once you’ve made your moves, it is possible to tie with the dealer in what’s called a “push.” You neither win nor lose money on that. My advice?

Many online casinos offer playing for free (without placing actual bets). You should get out there, practice a few games to up your chances of winning! lets you play for fun without any download or registration requirements. I’m Renny with Online Casinos Canada. Check back soon for more OCC videos on advanced Blackjack options and player strategies!