Casino Glossary

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Bust (blackjack)
– To hit a hand so that the total goes over 21, making it a losing hand.

Cashier’s Cage – The place, usually in the rear of a casino,
where a player may redeem casino chips for cash or make
credit arrangements.

Casino Advantage – The edge the house has over the player
in any game.

Credit Button (video poker) – A button that allows a player
to bank coins won as credits and use the credits to play
without putting in more money.

Double down – A player’s option to double his original bet by turning over his first two cards and placing an amount equal to
the original bet on the layout.

Draw Button (video poker) – Allows player to draw up to five new cards.

Front Money – Cash or bank checks deposited with the casino
to establish credit for a player who bets against that money.

Edge – See casino advantage.

Hole Card (blackjack) – The dealer’s unseen card.

Loose (slots) – A slot machine that pays off liberally and gives
the house only a small advantage of the player.

Natural – 1) Blackjack: Ace and ten-value card as original hand.
2) Baccarat: An 8 or 9 dealt in the first two hands.

Nut – 1) The overhead costs of running a casino, or 2) A fixed amount that a gambler sets out to win in day.

Pit – The area inside a cluster of gaming tables.

Progressive Slots – Slots that allow you to increase the
potential jackpot each time a new coin is inserted for play.

Red-Black Bet (roulette) – An outside wager on whether the
next spin will be a red or black number, paid off at even money