1 year ago Bobby Hart Comments Off on FIVE TIPS FOR MULTI-TABLING

Multi-Tabling is probably one of the best advantages of real money online casino gambling. Well, you also avoid slow play, dealers and players inexperienced offensive.

To get to the point. If you’re not playing at several tables simultaneously, you better start learning now, otherwise you’re missing an opportunity to earn money somehow wasting time.

To give a more detailed look at the game Multi-Tabling can read a full article in our strategy section, however, five points summarize here quickly, to get you started in the right direction:

  1. Use a deck of cards in four colors. The deck of cards of four colors is one of the most important choices you have to wear when you’re playing multiple tables. Red Hearts, Spades negas, Flowers & Clubs green and blue diamonds. Sound strange? Yes, but you get used quickly. This will save you mistakes. At first sight you can see if your league or not color projects. Remember the two-color decks are for grandparents and live poker. Upgrade!
  2. Choose the simplest templates. Many online poker rooms have an extensive range of templates to use on tables with different designs, which do not use outrageous designs, at least not when you play multi-Tabling. Do not be distracted. PokerStars The template is an example of a simple design and perfect for multi-Tabling.
  3. Take notes. Even if you can not put your attention on each hand is played, be sure to see the boats most contested and jot down any details. These notes were filed, and whenever you are faced again with the same player, you have a reference point. Try to make it short and informative, “Check Raise on the flop with a semi-bluff is much better than” this guy is a donk unfortunate.
  4. Design your own system to organize the tables. Some tables stacked on one another, others spread over the entire monitor screen. Find out which way you feel best playing and most importantly be able to respond to the action in the shortest time possible. As a personal advice if you are playing several tournaments at the same time, I usually organize my tables according to the level of blinds. The blinds go up higher on the left with the rest of tables down and in descending order according to the level of blinds.
  5. Always occupy the same seat. Many poker rooms have the option of using the same seat, when the active software automatically rotates the players. For a multi-player option tabling this was priceless. Without this option found in a split second where you are sitting can be quite tedious. Conversely, if you are always sitting in the same place you gain precious time and improve your concentration on the play.